Operations department for airlines

Advantages of outsourced solution against in-house flight operations department

  • FDS employs qualified, licensed and experienced flight dispatchers. We have the latest tools for flight planning, ongoing flight dispatch services and for managing flight operations.
  • The outsourcing of flight operations allows for significant costs reduction as it is simply cheaper than in-house flight operations department or the OCC.
  • Thanks to our experience in flight dispatch services we are able to help to cut costs connected with aircraft flight operations, purchase of navigation documentation, navigation databases etc.
  • Thanks to our exclusive management software, called Leon, the flight operator has full control over the executed operations. And at the same time, our Clients can expect to be given suggestions from FDS, concerning problem solutions and operational decision-making.

Back office concept

The main problem with outsourcing flight operations department is trust. Trust in fact that other company is now the brain of all flight operations activity. There is always an anxiety of flight operations going out of control and that is the main reason for most of the companies to keep operations in-house, even for much bigger cost. But it does not have to be like that.

FDS OPS came to an idea of fully controllable outsourced flight dispatch for commercial air operators, which we called a back office flight dispatch. The main key to our idea is division of „control” and „work”, where control in hand of one person or really small team stays in-house and „work” goes to our team of dispatchers – the back office.

Of course between „control” and work, we need a perfect communication. That is why we are using exclusive management and communication web-based system Leon (www.leonsoftware.com) , which in very simple version comes with our offer to establish communication or can be purchased by the operator directly from Leon Software as fully functional management system.

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